Over 35,000 title deeds are ready for collection in Kilifi

Over 35,000 title deeds are ready for collection at the lands office in Kilifi, Cabinet Secretary for Land Alice Wahome confirmed.

During an impromptu visit to the lands office in Kilifi yesterday, the CS urged members of the public who made applications to collect their title deeds to safeguard their property.

Wahome disclosed that the government is moving with speed to process land documents to strengthen the trust between the government and the citizens and promote harmony. governance.

However, she noted with concern the trend of killings of elderly persons once they possess their title deeds, saying it has hindered many people from collecting their documents for fear of attack from family members.

“When the head of the family, mother or father obtains the title, young people attack them. That is very common within the coastal region. The elderly are being harassed by their children because of the property ownership therefore some of them prefer to leave their titled deeds in the possession of the office,” she observed.

Wahome committed herself to ensuring that the ministry would move with speed to ensure they resolve the challenges facing the lands office in Kilifi County.

“I think the response issue under the RTA will work very quickly, and we will see how we can transfer all those records here in Kilifi”, she said.

“I have been listening to the commissioner and the registrar, and I realize that it is an urgent matter because that way the records relate to the specific owners and specific blocks and units, and specific titles are issued to the real owners,” she added.

She further warned people against falsely acquiring land and title deeds saying that support from the president would ensure sanity in the issue of land ownership. The government’s initiative is aimed at addressing land ownership issues and promoting transparency and accountability in the land sector.

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Diaspora Editor

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