16,000 km of roads built-in Migori since the inception of Devolution

Migori County Governor Zachary Obado has said that his administration has overseen the construction of a total of 16,000Kms of road since the commencement of devolution to strengthen the agricultural sector in the region.

Obado who was speaking during Madaraka Day celebrations at Migori Stadium said that the partnership of the National, County and donors like the World Bank has also initiated the Transport and Upgrading Policies to complete the ongoing construction of 1,600 Kms across the county.

The Governor said that Migori was an agricultural county and it was important to ensure that the county has a well laid out infrastructure to help farmers economically.

He noted that better road infrastructures will ensure that farmers are able to transport their produce to the market in good time and with ease. Obado said that infrastructure was a key developmental project to ensure that county generates more income for its residents as well as open up the county’s border.

“Our sweet potato, beans and fish farmers are enjoying better road infrastructure that the county has laid out to help them generate their incomes and growth of our county”, noted Obado.

Obado noted that his 3400 competent staff were highly committed to performing and delivering his mandate to ensure that the county grows economically through county wealth generation and revenue collection.

The Governor pointed out that the county has opened up 23 new ward offices to ensure that devolved services are delivered to its citizens at ward levels. He added that four more such offices will be open before he leaves the office on August 9.

He also said that Migori Village Administration Act of 2022 had established 400 village offices that will soon be opened to ensure that the devolution services are achieved at the lowest levels as per the spirit of the 2010 constitution.

On the issues of elections, Obado called upon the Migori residents to vote wisely in the forthcoming generation elections to ensure that they get better leaders that can steer the economic growth of both the county and country.

He urged the residents to give each political aspirant a chance to sell their political manifestos so that they can judge and select the best leaders. He said that Migori was a cosmopolitan County where negative politics and political incitements will not be welcomed. The Governor asked the county security apparatus to ensure that security is achieved to guarantee peace during and after elections.

“We cannot achieve any meaningful and proper development if there is no peace. Let us all be united to ensure that we remain peacefully even after the forthcoming general elections, concluded Obado.

Migori County Commissioner Mr. Meru Mwangi who read President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Speech called on unity, peace and prosperity as the country moves closer to the generation elections for benefits of the socio economic development. Mwangi said that he will ensure that the county security is beefed up so that peace prevails during and after the August elections.



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