18-year-old Mpesa Operator Murdered in Cold Blood

Police in Ndhiwa Sub-county have launched investigations into the murder of an 18-year-old Mpesa operator in Kosewe Ward by unknown people.

The body of Vincent Ouma Opiyo, was found dumped into river Mirogi after he was killed Saturday night.

It is alleged that the suspects had stormed his home demanding money which the deceased had made that day at the Mpesa shop, but he could not provide since it was already in the possession of his employer.

The suspects who were armed with crude weapons ordered him to take them to the employer’s house who, through an intuition, refused to open the door.

Central Kanyamwa Location Chief, Grace Oyuga, who spoke with KNA, said that the suspects were furious and eventually pounced on the deceased gouging out his eyes, before throwing him into the river.

“The culprits gouged both his eyes out because they were not able to get what they wanted, and threw him into the river,” said Oyuga.

She said that investigations have been launched and assured that the people responsible for the murder, will be arrested soon.

“The police are doing their investigations regarding this case and will arrest the suspects to prevent recurrence of such an incident,” Oyuga said.

Nicholas Otieno Owaka, Kosewe Ward MCA, called on security officers to improve security in the area.

“I am calling upon the OCS, OCPD, Police and all our security personnel in the Sub-County, to ensure the culprits are nabbed and dealt with accordingly” Owaka said.

The body of the deceased was taken to Manyatta Kobodo morgue for postmortem.



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