Administrator asks parents to bar their children from political rallies

Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde has urged parents to bar their children from attending political rallies since they are not eligible voters.

Masinde said allowing children to participate in campaign rallies was retrogressive as it would compromise the education of the young children.

Instead, the county commissioner challenged residents to take their children to school and ensure they get quality education so that they can become professionals in future.

“I am worried that children too are being used by politicians in their campaigns when their colleagues are in school studying. Any parent who will expose their children to evil acts risks prosecution,” he said.

Masinde spoke at a Narok hotel during a two-day Area Advisory Council (AAC) meeting organised by the Department of Children and sponsored by the World Vision Organisation.

“Make sure wherever your children are during this electioneering period it is a safe place. Ensure that they are protected from all danger during this campaign season,” he said.

At the same time, Masinde asked area residents to intervene when they see a child suffering and call the hotline 116 at no cost so that the child can be rescued.

“Don’t see a child of another person suffering and be happy. When you spot children suffering, please stop it immediately,” said Masinde.

The CC said that 98 percent of children who sat for last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam had transited from primary school to secondary school, which is a big achievement in the pastoralist community.

Deputy Director Children Services Mwambi Mong’are said statistics show that many boys do not report when they face incidents of violence unlike the girls who will mostly tell their parents or a close friend.

Mong’are lamented that abuse leads to mental health illness, increase in street children, teenage pregnancy, crime, drug abuse, poverty and school dropout.

He called on all civil servants to join hands in protecting children by doing anything to secure their safety.

“We, the civil servants, are the children’s servants and they are our masters. We have a responsibility to ensure our children remain safe during this election season and thereafter,” reiterated Mong’are.



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