Alarming increase of suicide cases

Cases of suicide and homicide are on the rise in the country with statistics showing that men are more predisposed to commit the two vices than women.

Men are more inclined to take their lives as a result of increasing masculinity challenges in an atmosphere where they are expected to deal with their feelings and emotions as “men”.

Depression is among the most common mental illnesses globally and affects more than 1.9 million people in Kenya alone with the situation projected to become worse given the prevailing harsh economic prospects.

Doctor Mwangi Njururi, Director Health Living Center in Nyeri says the current state of affairs in the country including economic downturn, resulting in loss of jobs have created an atmosphere where stress and depression abound.

Njururi who specializes in natural health is concerned with the rising cases of mental health illness in the country which is mostly triggered by economic strain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the lifestyle (diet).

Speaking to KNA today, Njururi says that the healing journey to this traumatic experience is to accept that the society is stressed and depressed.

“For us to identify the problem we have to accept that stress and depression is here with us. One has to fight for that niche to survive in this traumatic society,” Njururi said.

He added that everyone has a role to play in overcoming mental health issues individually and collectively adding that the government must also be proactive in addressing factors contributing to the upsurge of mental illness cases.

At a personal level, Njururi said one should be keen and note any deviation of the usual behavior of a person saying it could be a sign of mental breakdown.

“Show love and compassion to someone going through such experiences, make a move by trying to talk to them and if need be try to look for professional help,” Njururi added.

Added the doctor, “those who are in marriages should notice any behavior changes in their partner’s lives. Communicate frequently, go to counseling together and look for solutions to arising problems.”

He also noted that the county and the national government should establish structures to help those with mental issues.

“Government institutions such as offices, schools and hospitals should be well equipped to offer support to people exhibiting mental illness tendencies,” said the medic.

He emphasized that the government should ensure that there are functional hotline numbers to report on mental illness cases.



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