APA Insurance Launches APA SHEild Program for Enhancement of Kenyan Women

APA Insurance in partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, on Tuesday launched the APA SHEild to increase access to affordable financial products for women, including health, wellness, personal wealth, and savings insurance.

The program is designed to help women enhance and safeguard their well-being at different stages of their lives.

In addition, APA SHEild will also provide workshops and conferences to equip women with knowledge and tools to support their personal and professional financial development and security.

APA Life Assurance Limited CEO Catherine Karimi stated. “APA SHEild stands out as a truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind program meticulously crafted with the needs of Kenyan women in mind. Women have unique insurance and financial needs and this often varies based on individual circumstances, life stages, and financial goals.”

She further stated the company aims to improve the well-being and livelihood of women by providing a comprehensive range of resources through health, wellness, wealth, and protection shields.

According to the World Bank, 31 percent of Kenyan households are women-headed. Women tend to be more vulnerable to physical and financial shocks and often have limited access to coping mechanisms. Insurance and financial guidance can support women to protect themselves, their families, communities, and society.

International Finance Corporation Manager for Kenya, Amena Arif said, “Women play a crucial role in driving the economy. IFC and APA are working together to make tailored insurance more accessible and affordable for women in Kenya so that women have the financial products they need to take charge of their lives and future.”

Under the SHEild program, APA has developed a range of women-centric non-life and life insurance solutions to include health, wellness, wealth, and protection, as well as additional value-added products and services that provide extra support where needed.

This includes collaborating with YuBuntu on a Women’s Cancer Care Program called ‘APA Femina Plus,’ which is geared toward positive protection by access to regular screenings and HPV vaccination for breast and cervical cancer.

In addition, it offers support and protection in the form of a cash benefit in the event of a positive diagnosis of breast, cervical, or ovarian cancer.

CEO of Ark, Dan White said, “We are excited about the APA and YuBuntu teams joining forces to create an innovative, total wellness solution exclusively for women. Working together, we aim to make a tangible and measurable impact on the lives of women and girls in Kenya and we are looking forward to supporting and expanding this further in the future.”

Speaking at the launch of APA SHEild, Group CEO, of APA Apollo, Ashok Shah stated, “These partnerships represent a significant step toward bridging gender gaps and promoting gender equality in Kenya as it recognizes the importance of women’s well-being in all aspects of life.”

He further stated that APA Insurance, together with its esteemed partners, is committed to being a catalyst for positive change and empowerment, fostering a more inclusive and secure environment for women across the nation.

Deputy Director General Medical Services, Ministry of Health, Doctor Zainab Gura said, “I would like to congratulate APA and all your partners for launching the APA SHEild Program which is a comprehensive program and it underscores health because health is not just physical wellness, but also mental wellness, social wellness and in this case financial wellness.”

She further stated that it is in line with the vision of the Government of Kenya in achieving health coverage which means not leaving anyone behind and this spirit of not leaving anyone behind.

“Women are a critical pillar for a family and our society should be on the frontline of our discussion on how to make sure that her health is properly planned for and strengthened. Achieving universal healthcare means that every woman will have access to healthcare irrespective of her ability to pay and irrespective of where she is and lives,” she said.

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