B.O.M members told to be firm in school governance

School board of Managements in Marakwet West Sub County have been asked to be firm and take proper charge of their mandate in schools they represent.

Noting that there was need for the board to understand their legal mandate to actualise their duties, Sub County Director of Education, Julius Ngoneshi said that members should guard against being manipulated by principals who may want to enhance and boost their power and exploit their position.

While addressing board members at Marakwet boys’ high school said the board members should always maintain proper management so as to ensure quality academic as well as social standards.

He urged them to always accept the new school heads transferred to their institutions and avoid rejection as transfers were normal policy matters conducted by the government meant to improve service delivery.

He added that the members should uphold the integrity of schools by speaking well of and making the welfare of their students and teachers a priority for better results.



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