Be part of the solution, RC urges leaders in Baringo, Marakwet

Speaking to journalists in Eldoret, Mohamed said if leaders are not willing to be part of the ongoing peace process, then it doesn’t matter how much resources the government pours in the region.

Mohamed who chaired a meeting of National Government Administrative Officers said that the leadership of the region must come up with a long-lasting solution to allow our kids to go back to school and the future generations be empowered.

Mohamed further informed that the government has invested massive amounts of resources in the region including armoured personnel carriers and equipping Kenya police reservists but long-lasting peace and stability can only be achieved if the local leaders are willing to be part of the solution.

In matters election, the regional commissioner warned leaders against inciting locals adding that Kenyans are expecting a peaceful electioneering period.

“The election is a one-day affair but Kenya is here to remain forever and we have nowhere else to call home,” he said, adding that political leaders should borrow a leaf from community and religious leaders in preaching peace.

“When the election day arrives let Kenyans make their decision without being intimidated and threatened,” said the RC.

Mohamed further informed that the government is keenly monitoring what is happening between now and August especially when the campaign period officially commences.

“We have constituted the regional multi-sectoral coordination and collaboration forum which encompasses all sectors of the society and it’s mandated to bring together state and non-state actors toward peace building,” he added.



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