Behaviour Change

Nakuru county government in collaboration with the Centre for Behaviour Change and Communication (CBCC) has rolled out a campaign dubbed ‘KAA CHONJO’ to increase the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines at the community level.

The county health promotion officer Ellen Ngware said the campaign with a slogan of “KAA CHONJO” will target persons between 12 years and above with an emphasis on high-risk populations.

The officer said frontline workers, the elderly who have not been vaccinated at all, those who did not get a second dose, and those fully vaccinated would be eligible for a booster dose to enhance immunity. She was speaking today during the training of health workers at a Nakuru hotel.

Additionally, she said they will first roll out the campaign exercise in six sub-counties with low vaccine uptake, and include the remaining mid-next month.

Apart from that, she said COVID-19 was still a serious threat and the current sixth wave has noted an increased positivity rate of up to 9.6 per cent from as low as 0.2 per cent at the beginning of the year.

So, far she said only 30 per cent of the Kenyan Population was fully vaccinated against the coronavirus but the World Health recommends at least 60 per cent of the local population.

She emphasized that the county aims to vaccinate 70 per cent of the elderly population and 50 per cent of its teenage population aged between 15-17 years so as to reduce community transmission through herd immunity.

She urged residents of the six targeted sub-counties to turn up in large numbers at the designated vaccination centres.



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