Bomet County Commissioner Urges Chiefs to step up war on illicit brew

Chiefs and village elders have been called upon to embrace formulation of policies on the fight against illegal brew to win the war against the menace.

Bomet County Commissioner (CC) Ms. Beverly Opwora noted that the government is creating new administrative jurisdictions to bring service delivery closer to the common citizen, hence the need for the administrators to familiarize themselves with the new strategies.

The CC made the remarks during the installation of the recently appointed assistant chief in the newly gazetted Morit Sub location in Bomet Central sub-county.

The county commissioner advised that it is high time for chiefs to embark on laying new techniques of acquiring information from the public, in order for the government the curb the vice.

“I am urging chiefs to embrace and lay a robust foundation and embrace innovation in order for them to access information of what is happening around their villages, they need to be visible as they represent our government closer to the people,” said Ms Opwora.

In the last five months, 2,000 litres of Changaa and 10,000 litres of busaa have been impounded from the newly created Morit sub-location.

Fifteen perpetrators from the region have been arrested and arraigned in Bomet law courts, while six of the brewers are serving their parole from home through community service.

The county commissioner urged citizens of Bomet to engage in legal and meaningful business, assuring them that the government won’t relent on curbing the menace.

“My office is ready to empower anyone who is ready to abandon this criminal activity and the next time we come here to hold a baraza, I want to start by establishing a business for one of you,” said Ms Opwora

“We want our children to continue with school and be productive people in future and it can only happen if we cease from this habit,” warned Ms Opwora.



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