Bomet residents flock County civil registration office to collect birth certificates 

Bomet Residents flocked the County civil registration office for births and deaths to collect and make formal registration of birth certificates.

Milka Cherono, a resident of Bomet Central informed KNA that a birth certificate is a requirement for pupils who will be sitting for the Competency-Based Curriculum grade 6 exams, due to the high demand for the document she was twice unsuccessful.

“The demand for birth certificates is high, every parent who has a child in grade six and class eight is required to present them in school, and that is the reason why we are here,” said Cherono.

Mr. Robert Korir who is the County civil registrar said that his office has been conscientiously and closely working with parents to ensure that they get that important legal document as students across the country are reporting back to school.

“We have been experiencing an influx of parents in need of birth certificates since schools were re-opened, I understand this important document is needed to register learners for both grade 6 and class eight final exams,” explained Korir.

My office is working out keenly to ensure each and every one who is seeking out services here is smoothly assisted,” he said.



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