Boy abandoned by father at Nanyuki High School with nothing

A boy who was set to join form one this year was abandoned by his parent at Nanyuki High School in Laikipia County with nothing for admission leaving him at the mercy of the school.

Brian Shilomba 15, travelled with his father who is a boda voda operator all the way from Ikolomani in Kakamega County only wearing his former primary school uniform for two days hopeful to join Nanyuki High school after their parents noted that it was the most sought after High school.

Shilomba who scored 387 marks from a public school in their village said that he had been admitted at a high school in Kajiado County but failed to report since his parents could not raise fees and cater for his needs.

Speaking on Thursday at the school, Shilomba said that his father left him at the school and immediately rushed to catch a bus back to Kakamega.

“My father borrowed the money for bus fare from a relative to bring me here and after we arrived at the school, he left for home only telling me to explain the financial challenges we have at home to the headteacher and implore him to allow me to study,” Shilomba said.

Nanyuki school principal Oliver Minishi said that despite the difficult situation at the school that has the capacity of admitting 480 form one students, they would not send the learner away and he was making effort to see how the boy would first get the basic needs to start his studies.

“We have received quite a number of desperate students seeking to join the school but due to their humble backgrounds, they couldn’t raise the fees, but we can’t send them away, we try to seek for sponsorship for such cases,” Minishi said.

He added that the school has converted part of the library and the main hall to serve as a dormitory.

Despite the school being the most sought-after in the country by candidates for two consecutive years, it lacks some of the infrastructure required to handle the high number of students being admitted.

Minishi called on well-wishers to come in and help the new boy and others who were still struggling to pay school fees.

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha called on parents to take all their children to school saying the government would know what to do once the children were in school.



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