Busia County Assembly adopts the climate change fund regulations, 2021

Busia County Assembly has adopted the report of the delegated county legislation committee on the County Climate Change Fund Regulations with amendments.

The session that was chaired by Speaker Bernard Wamalwa saw the members pass regulations developed for the administration and management of the Fund.

The Regulations provide for formulation of the County Climate Finance framework, appointment and removal of the Fund Administrator, operation of the Fund and eligibility criteria for accessing money from the fund.

Committee Vice-chair, Novena Ndaliro who tabled the document said the object of these regulations is to give effect to the Busia County Climate Change Act, 2021 to ensure better implementation of the provisions of the Act.

Other matters include development of project proposals, application for and disbursement of money from the fund, procurement of goods and services, complaints mechanisms; and monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning.

The committee noted that as per regulations 12 and 13, the Fund Administrator is to be designated from amongst existing employees of the County Public Service and with experience of three years.

Among other proposals detailed in this regulation was that the Fund Administrator must be a member of a professional body which can certify that the officer is one of high moral standing.

The regulations are to be published under the C.E.C member in charge of Environment and Climate Change as stated in Article 94(6) of the Constitution, 2010.

The source of Funds to the Committee to pursue the project will be Money received by the County Government from the National Government as provided by the Public Finance Management Act.



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