Business resume to normalcy in Chuka town

Business operations in Chuka town, Tharaka Nithi County have resumed back to normalcy after the announcement of William Ruto as the President-elect by IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati on Monday.

Most of the traders within the town have been going on with their day-to-day business activities but have experienced low customer turnout during the last few days.

Earlier on in Chuka town, the announcement of William Ruto as the president-elect was received with joy as the residents moved around the town celebrating his win.

John Nyaga, a driver of Ungwana Sacco said that business has been slow the past three days but has been restored following re-opening of schools today.

“Our matatus have been in Nairobi for the last three days because of the elections waiting for the vote to be counted, at least today everything is back to normal,” Nyaga said

He expressed that the fare prices from Chuka to Nairobi and vice versa will be slightly higher than normal to recover for the lost days.

“Business was brought to a halt during the elections, so it is expected that in the next few days the bus fare will rise but will return back to normal soon,” Nyaga added.

More-so, a vegetable and fruit vendor at Chuka open-air market Modesta Kambura said that although business has resumed to normal the profits are still low as compared to the pre-election and campaign time.

“My business has gone down as compared to during the elections when I sold more because visitors who live away from home but came to vote” Kambura posed

Kambura added the winning of William Ruto as president-elect was well anticipated in Tharaka Nithi County leaving most businesses open and operational but with fewer customers.

Consequently, parents who were taking students back to school today have also experienced hiked fare prices.

“The transport prices have been hiked even for the shortest distances. It is hectic,” said Priscilla Karauki, one of the parents.

Residents are hopeful that prices will resume back to normal once the new government settles.



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