Church leaders call for peace ahead of court verdict

Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church leaders in Homa-Bay County have called on Kenyans to maintain peace after the highly anticipated Supreme Court ruling on presidential election petition.

Led by Pastors Washington Okello of Kouyo Kochia Main SDA church and Kennedy Midiang’a of Sori SDA church, the clerics urged politicians and their supporters to accept the verdict whether it favours them or not.

Speaking Sunday during closure of a one-week annual prayer camp at Kuoyo Kochia Main SDA church in Rangwe Sub-county, Okello said the court verdict should not divide Kenyans.

He urged all Kenyans to be psychologically prepared for the ruling and promote peace.

“The petition was filed in the Supreme Court and the court must make a judgement. Let everybody be prepared psychologically to receive the court verdict and promote peace,” Okello said.

The clergymen said they had not taken sides in the litigation as a church but that all are praying for is justice to prevail. He urged Kenyans to pray for the Supreme Court judges to deliver a sound judgement.

“We are not saying the judgement be made in favour of any party in the petition. But let us pray for the judges to make a judgement based on truth and justice regardless of the party it favours,” Okello added.

Pastor Midiang’a urged citizens to be patriotic when reacting to the verdict of the petition.

“As a church, we expect Solomonic wisdom to guide the petition. The most important thing is our country. Let everybody desist from any action that can threaten peace,” said Midiang’a.

The clergymen cautioned youths not to be used to breach peace, noting that Kenya must continue even after the court verdict.

Elder Samson Opande of Rabuor SDA church in Kendu Bay said only a peaceful country that can achieve economic prosperity.

“Let us do everything that can enhance peaceful co-existence because we need to live as a united country,” Opande said.

The camp brought together many congregants from the lake region drawn from Homa Bay and Migori counties.



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