Constitute an all- inclusive government, Tana Governor-elect urged

Peace champions have advised Tana River Governor-Elect, Dhadho Godhana, to form an all-inclusive government, as they hail the residents for maintaining peace during the election period.

Speaking today at the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) offices in Hola during a Joint strategy session on peace, organized by Search for Common Ground organization (SFCG), the chairman, Tana River Sub-county Peace Committee, Bakari Dhadho, said elected leaders must be at the forefront in uniting Tana Communities.

“When the Governor is nominating County Executive Committee Members (CECMs), he should be able to include all the tribes, let’s see the face of Tana River in the appointment,’’ said Bakari.

The County, Bakari noted, recorded a unique history where people cooperated and avoided ethnic differences, a departure from previous elections where political leaders concentrated their efforts in their communities.

The joint strategy meeting was planned to identify challenges experienced at the grassroots after the election and came up with recommendations to mitigate related conflicts that may arise.

Tana River Sub-county Police commander, Patrick Kafulo, said voters are now enlightened on their democratic rights and money cannot be used to sway them.

He commended the Tana people for maintaining peace and reminded them not to drop their guard adding that nothing should make them slide back to yester ethnic inclination years.

Kafulo said, “We can celebrate that there has been security, but we must not drop our guard. Let’s go in there. Let’s look inside and confirm so we can relax.

Tana River for Peace and Reconciliation Coordinator, Harrison Morowa, echoed Kafulo’s sentiments, “Let’s be more vigilant and thankful we have had security, let’s make sure peace continues. We have seen Pokomos campaigning for an Orma and vice versa, we used to see them as enemies”.

Rebecca Galana, SFCG Tana River Coordinator, said as an organization they are keen to ensure the aftermath of the general election there is no violence.

“The transition period should be peaceful, and all-inclusive, so that there will be no feeling that the government belongs to a particular group of people,” she said.



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