Crime sio poa campaign to ensure peaceful election

A group of youths in Nakuru County are carrying out a campaign against crime dubbed “Crime Sio Poa’’ for a peaceful election on the 9th of August.

The Chairperson of the group Jemima Asango said it was important for them to promote a peaceful election to reduce the fear some people have of the dreaded ‘conform’ gangsters that have intimidated residents since the beginning of the year.

Speaking during a press conference at the city Tuesday, she said they want to ensure that Nakuru maintains the high turn-out of voters witnessed in every election when voters start queuing as early as 3. am.

She reminded the youths that voting was a constitutional and civic duty for every serious citizen that values their country, adding that she will vote as early as possible and spend the entire day encouraging eligible voters to follow suit.

Asango assured the elderly that they were ready to escort them and the sickly to the polling stations to ensure that everyone voted.

The much-awaited election day due to the exhaustion of the lengthy campaign period has basically remained peaceful in the county that has for many years been referred to as the ‘hot sport of local politics.’

The chairperson emphasized that it was everyone’s responsibility to maintain peace from today and beyond the electioneering period.

Asango urged all candidates to accept the election outcome, maintaining that in every duel there’s always a loser and a winner.



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