Disability should not hinder one’s political dream

A visually impaired ward representative candidate in the just concluded General Election has challenged people with disabilities to pursue their political dreams maintaining that disability is not inability.

The 30-year-old Frasha Muthoni from Kogoini Village in Kiharu, Murang’a unsuccessfully contested for Member of County Assembly(MCA) position for Township ward.

The mother of one said she developed eye problems at the age of 10 years which led to blindness soon after.

Narrating her ordeal to KNA, Muthoni said she had always taken an interest in politics from a young age and credited the same to an uncle who was a politician.

She observes that her parents were initially not very enthusiastic about her involvement in politics but she eventually managed to convince them to support her vision.

“I told my parents that I was interested in elective politics and I would doubtlessly be on the ballot.” She says

True to her word Muthoni’s name was in the ballot for the aforementioned Ward on 9th August where she emerged fourth. She vied under Safina party and polled 1150 votes.

“Despite not being able to emerge the winner, I am proud of myself for trying since the race had attracted ten aspirants,” said Muthoni adding that others may see her blindness as a disability but to her it is a challenge.

Muthoni said the race had not been rosy considering her financial and visual challenges unlike her competitors some of whom ridiculed her.

“I took the opportunity to educate the society that people with disabilities need equal opportunities and are capable of achieving a lot. Disability is not inability, the society needs to be sensitized so as to reduce discrimination,” she added,

Muthoni says she spent at least Sh. 300 000 in her campaigns. “I now understand the politics of this region from my experiences this year and I will be fully prepared for the next general election.” Muthoni affirmed.

She challenged the political parties doing nominations to the assembly to consider candidates like her who have shown an interest in leadership and not nominate people who may not be interested in serving Kenyans.

“Those being nominated to represent people with disability should be carefully considered so that people get the representation they deserve,” she summed up.



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