Embu Boda riders go on rampage

Property of unknown value was destroyed in Embu Town Friday after rowdy boda boda operators set on fire several businesses while protesting the arrest of two of their colleagues.

Trouble started in the morning after the duo was arrested and their motorcycles confiscated for flouting traffic rules. One was found operating without license while the other one was found operating without reflective plate.

Tens of angry riders proceeded to the Embu Town Police Station demanding the release of their colleagues and after failing to get audience went on the rampage.

The riders converged at Shauri Moyo Slums area where they allegedly set a timber yard on fire before proceeding to Marikiti market that was partly destroyed before traders put out the fire.

Efforts by the police to contain the rowdy youths bore no fruit as they were outnumbered while the fire brigade truck was deflated and stoned.

By 3pm, the demonstrations and destruction spree had gained momentum and spread to other parts of the town bringing businesses to the busy town to a standstill.

However, more police officers were deployed to quell the skirmishes with everyone ordered to clear from the CBD as gunshots rented the air.

There has been a standoff between the riders and miraa traders from Meru for some weeks now with the former accusing the latter of being behind motorcycles theft in the town.

On Sunday, a miraa trader was allegedly killed by the riders on allegations of being behind the motorcycle theft syndicate.



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