Government keen to streamline land related issues

The Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning is carrying out digitization root out brokers during land transactions, instead, one can confirm whether the land exists or not through the online ardhisasa platform.

Speaking today in Nairobi during the weekly edition of Sema-Na-Spox Zoom meeting on ‘Land Reforms: Digitization and beyond’, the Chief Land Registrar Mr. David Nyandoro said Kenyans will no longer buy a piece of land that does not exist because the government through the online ardhisasa platform can verify such issues.

He said to streamline the land sector, the government is focusing on key areas including: land reforms, decentralisation, digitisation and land administration.

On reforms, Nyandoro said it helps to conserve and resolve conflict between humans and animals, considering that in Kenya, more than 70 percent is community land.

“With the Community Land Act in place, registering of communities has been ongoing, and the community now has a say on what they want their land to be used for,” said Nyandoro adding that so far, four community titles in Laikipia and two in Samburu have been generated, and others are being processed.

This move, he said, is going to empower the community so that no one shall lose their land through brokers like has been witnessed in the last eight years.

He said the National Land Policy on the other hand guides on what land caters for agriculture to sustain the citizens, given that the population is increasing every day.

“To confirm the history, acreage, tenure information and ownership information of land properties, one can easily visit the ardhisasa platform landing page by visiting the website on, click registration and register as a company or individual,” he said.

All you need to have, Nyandoro said, is your ID number, correct mobile phone number and email address then set password whereby a short message will then be sent to you.

He recommended that one should register with the ID number which then shall always be used as the ardhisasa generated identity that should never be shared to other persons for security purposes.

During the meeting, Government Spokesperson Col. (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna urged Kenyans to make use of the ardhisasa platform that is available for 24 hours to get land related services online.

“You do not have to pay money to brokers nor travel for hours to get these services, just log on to ardhisasa and get the services at an affordable cost of Sh200,” said the Spokesperson.



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