Government pays Sh20 million to contractors for CBC classrooms in Mwala

The government has disbursed Sh20 million for the construction of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) classrooms in Mwala, Sub county Director of Education Stephen Kitungu has disclosed.

Kitungu said the money include full payment of six classrooms at cost of Sh788,220 and partial payment of Sh393,394 for 39 classrooms.

The sub county was allocated 45 classrooms in the first phase of the programme that aims to ease the transition of CBC learners to junior secondary in 2023.

Addressing the sub county CBC technical committee at the Deputy County Commissioner’s office today, the director said the ministry of education was currently processing full payments for 19 other classrooms.

“Ten other classrooms are at the finishing stage and soon we will start processing the payments once the works are complete,” he said.

Speaking later in the day during the commissioing of a CBC classroom at St.Stephens Musaani Secondary School, Kitungu reiterated the government’s commitment in the implementation of CBC and asked principals to prepare adequately for the double intake in secondary schools next year.

“CBC is the way to go, and principals should be ready to host double the number of students they admit in a year, “he said.

The director of education said the government was fully prepared for the enrollment of the junior secondary in terms of infrastructure and capacity building.

“We already have the phase one project of CBC classrooms and books are ready at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). Teachers have also been trained,” noted Kitungu.

Speaking at the same event, Mwala DCC David Tegutwa echoed the sentiments of the sub county director of education on the double intake saying schools should be ready for the enrollment to avoid a crisis.

“The transition of learners to junior secondary school coupled with 100 percent transition of to secondary schools will definitely put pressure on the existing infrastructure and the schools need to be ready,” said DCC Tegutwa.

Also present was Sub county Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Bernard Abuga who promised staffing to ease the implementation of CBC.

“Teachers have also been trained and more will be brought on board, “said Abuga.



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