Gubernatorial candidate promises to employ Community health volunteers

A Murang’a gubernatorial candidate Wairagu wa Maai has promised to employ community health workers who have been serving in the current county administration as volunteers.

Wairagu observed that the volunteers have played a key role in promoting community health by attending and helping the sick at their homes.

He noted that there are more than 3, 000 volunteers who were engaged by the current county government administration and have gone through a lot of suffering since they rarely get the facilitation they were promised.

In his administration, Wairagu said he will employ the workers on contract basis and provide them with equipment they need to perform their duties. “Community health volunteers have played a very vital role in ensuring people seeking minor health services are attended while at home.

“The workers have helped to monitor and test people suffering from non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension among others and it’s the right time to include them in the payroll,” added the DP candidate when he met the volunteers at Maragua.

He explained that to boost health care in Murang’a, the work done by the volunteers need to be supported by availing resources.

“Apart from the salaries, the workers need to be given equipment like testing kits for diabetes and hypertension. They also need uniforms, badges, writing materials and means of transport,” added the former Water Principal secretary.

Wairagu is contesting for the seat with other five candidates including Irungu Kang’ata (UDA), Jamleck Kamau (Jubilee), Joseph Mbai (Usawa Kwa Wote), Henry Maina (independent) and Dr. Moses Mwangi (Safina).

“I will give health the much needed attention since Murang’a people have suffered for lack of drugs in public hospitals. Every sub county needs a level-4 hospital. Currently, the residents only rely on Murang’a level-5 hospital, Maragua and Muriranjas hospitals,” averred Wairagu.

He further promised to establish a Sacco for the workers and inject Sh. 20 million to support them acquire cheap credit facilities. With a Sacco, Wairagu said it will promote social economic welfare of the workers who he said have suffered for long.

“Once we clinch the power after the general election, I want you to form a Sacco which will be helping you financially and I promise to put some money in the Sacco to kick start it,” he further said.

Wairagu wooed Murang’a residents to elect him as their next governor saying when he PS he helped initiate several water projects in the county.

“If elected, I will strive to complete all water projects which are at various levels of completion. The projects once completed will increase water coverage to almost 100 percent,” he stated.



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