Homa Bay county KANU Senatorial Candidate opposes 6-Piece Voting  

As campaign period draws to a close, Homa Bay County Senatorial candidate Thomas Ojanga has dismissed calls for six piece voting in the county.

The KANU party candidate said it was misleading for ODM party candidates to claim that a 6- piece voting system will give Raila Odinga soldiers to help him if he becomes the president.

Speaking at a ceremony where he was endorsed by Nyada Ralek elders at Kabunde Chiefs Camp in Homa Bay, Ojanga said that independent candidates and those elected on Azimio affiliate parties will champion Raila’s legislative agenda.

“This talk of soldiers for Raila through electing ODM candidates does not hold water, the only soldiers the president will need is from the military, intelligence, General Service Unit (GSU) and other security personnel,” Ojanga said

Unlike in previous elections where securing an ODM ticket for any political seat in the county almost guaranteed victory, the scenario has since changed dramatically, with Independent candidates and those vying on other Azimio one Kenya affiliate parties’ tickets, now giving ODM party candidates stiff competition.

Ojanga also urged Homa Bay county voters to ensure that they utilize this opportunity to elect competent leaders who they believe can work for them.

“I want to encourage our people to be peaceful during the polls and ensure that they vote in their best and competent leaders who will be agents of change,” urged Ojanga.

On his side, Chairman of Luo Council of Elders Homa Bay County, Ariko Adoyo, said they have offered prayers and showered the candidate with blessings as he heads to the ballot.

“As elders, we believe that Ojanga has the best qualities of a good leader being that he has no corruption records and that’s why we confidently bless him,” said Adoyo.

Adoyo also lauded his fellow elders, specially the Nyada Ralek organization for always embracing peace during their political endorsements.



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