Homa Bay Health Workers Seek Solution to Unending Parades

Healthcare workers in Homa Bay have sought an alternative way to solve future stalemate with the county government through meetings with aspirants before clinching to power.

Their leaders met a section of the political aspirants in Homa Bay Town to analyze the loopholes that have been triggering continuous strikes within the health sector.

Addressing the press, Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) Nyanza chairperson Kevin Osuri, said that the initiative is to find a solution to the unending stalemate between the health sector and the county government.

“We all know that we have been having a long standing stalemate in Homa Bay County involving the county government and the health sector. That is why we have decided to take this step,” said Osuri.

Osuri added that they are passionate about health and their discussion majorly focused on the future and ways to ensure that healthcare problems become issues of the past.

He stated they will hold a Healthcare Summit on June 17 to deliberate on the agenda of improving healthcare services within the county.

“We are planning to convene one of its kind Homa Bay County Health Summit, where we will meet all the healthcare workers, stakeholders and the residents to discuss ways of taking our healthcare services to another level,” said the chairperson.

On her side, Homa Bay gubernatorial aspirant, Gladys Wanga said she will ensure that the health sector is prioritized and healthcare workers taken care of in her government if elected as the second governor of Homa Bay.

She added that they are committed to provide the best services right from the County Referral Hospital to the lowest health facilities and ensure that they are fully equipped.



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