Irungu’s handouts are farer, residents

Laikipia County residents claim that the freedom they have been waiting for eagerly has finally come through the re-election of Joshua Irungu as their governor.

The residents, said Irungu’s generosity earned him fame against his ‘mean’ opponent, Ndiritu Muriithi, who only prioritised development.

Martha Wakohi, a resident of Igwamiti ward, said that Irungu’s bounce-back was an answered prayer, since he understands their social life and not only laid emphasis on development alone, during his tenure.

Irungu had lost the seat to Muriithi (the independent candidate) in 2017.

“We need a leader who will help us in boosting our businesses, someone who can give bursaries to our children to help finance their education,” Wakohi said.

She added that they have so much expectations that their living standards were going to improve now that their outgoing Governor Murithi Ndiritu had already accomplished his mission and they were eagerly waiting for their incoming governor to meet their needs.

“We are so much grateful for our outgoing governor for sprucing up Nyahururu town and now we are expecting our incoming governor to boost our businesses by providing loans to the business people in order for them to improve their lifestyles,” said James Wanjohi.

Wanjohi said, unlike Ndiritu, Irungu made time to listen to people’s problems whenever they visited.

Jackson Maina said that they believe that the development their outgoing governor left pending is going to be accomplished and improved by the incoming governor.

“We believe that all the pending developments left behind by the outgoing governor are going to be accomplished by the incoming governor as soon as possible,” said Maina

The residents’ sudden change of heart is an example of how voters shift allegiance and quickly move on to the next leadership, as they called on those elected to serve them.

“He is someone with a good heart and he helps people whenever they are undergoing challenges and go to him to seek for help,” said the residents.

Maina also said that they were expecting that the amount of bursaries they are going to receive will be at least increased compared to the amount they have been receiving formerly.

Youth also said that they have a lot of expectation that job opportunities will be secured for them so that they can improve their living standards and that of their parents.



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