Kainuk residents call for peace

A section of Kainuk residents on Saturday called on the government to beef-up security in the town and along the Kainuk- Lokichar road.

Addressing the press in Lodwar, the residents decried cases of attacks on vehicles and farmers being denied an opportunity to till their land.

Their concerns come in the wake of banditry attacks over the last two weeks that have threatened to erode the peace that was being witnessed in the area after several interventions by the government and other peace actors in the region.

On Friday a police officer sustained gunshot wounds, after the vehicle he was travelling in was attacked by bandits along the same road.

In the last two weeks two shuttle passenger service vehicles (PSVs) have been attacked by bandits along the same highway and at least five people injured seriously.

According to Agnes Ekai, Kainuk resident, the residents in the area are suffering because they are not able to travel freely to conduct their business and attend to their farms.

“All the people of Turkana and West Pokot are Kenyans and they deserve to be protected by the government,” she said.

Another resident, Ome Ali, said the bandits are heavily armed and have caused tension in the villages, especially Namambu, Kapengoit and Lotongon.

Other villages near Kainuk including Kakong and Loyapat, are also affected because residents are living in fear of attacks.

Elizabeth Ekal, Kainuk resident, said the two communities have lived at peace for some time and called on the government to conduct disarmament to tame crime.

‘Some students who were travelling to join form one were also attacked and their luggage and money stolen at Lami Nyeusi, a few kilometers from Kainuk,’ she said.

She also warned of a food crisis because farmers have kept away from their farms for fear of attacks.

They are now calling on senior security heads to visit the area and address the insecurity before the situation gets out of hand.

Sources at the security sector stated that a meeting to be attended by senior security officers is being planned soon to address insecurity.



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