Kenyans urged to embrace peace during this electioneering period

The Catholic Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Nyeri, Anthony Muheria has asked Kenyans to embrace peace as the country approaches the August 9 general elections.

Muheria said that this was the best time for both politicians and citizens to exercise political tolerance regardless of their political divide.

In his weekly message to the press, the archbishop at the same time urged Kenyans to stick together and live in harmony during this period when the country is about to elect its next set of political leaders.

“In our country, the greatest lesson we can learn is that we are children of the same father. Let’s unite like children of the same father. Let’s not be divided on tribal basis or on the basis of who is wealthy and who is not. Let’s unite and help each other,” Muheria said.

“Let’s avoid those who will try to bring enmity among us. But rather let’s stick together as we follow God’s guidance,” Muheria added.

Muheria asked Kenyans to avert chaos by avoiding anyone who attempts to divide them based on their political stance. He urged politicians seeking different positions to refrain from insults and utterances that can sow the seed of hatred and disunity among Kenyans.

The Archbishop also called on Kenyans to help each owing to the difficult economic times the country is facing. He said that this was the best time for the citizens to support each other regardless of the social standing.

“Let’s not look down upon each other. We should not forget about the needy in our society. Let’s be there for each other,” he said.



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