Kisii Residents Urged to Report Jigger Infestation Cases

Residents of Kisii County have been urged to report cases of jigger infestation to various community health volunteers for treatment and fumigation of infested households in a bid to eradicate the rising number of cases in the region.

Speaking to the press at Nyatieko location in Kitutu Central Sub-County, Community Health Volunteer Kefa King’oina stated that eight cases have been reported and treated this month adding that one person was admitted to get advanced treatment.

King’oina noted that Kitutu Chache South Constituency was the most affected followed by Kitutu Chache North and Bonchari in the rise of jigger infestation saying it was a call for concern to the community.

“Do not use pins to remove jiggers from someone who is affected because they will be wounded and infected with tetanus. We appeal to the residents to let us know if such cases so that we can help the affected people,” he advised.

He said that jiggers suck blood from the affected people and cause anemia, adding that their fingers get swollen with no fingerprints and they are unable to walk when jiggers affect their feet.

King’oina added that people with jiggers face various challenges such as stigmatization due to isolation from the rest of the people to avoid infecting them.

Drusilla Nyanchama, another Community Health Volunteer said that jigger infestation was mainly caused by dirt and encouraged people to maintain cleanliness to reduce the rate of infestation cases in the region.

“For us to fight jiggers, we urge you to be clean because jiggers thrive in areas that are dirty. We encourage everyone to report jigger cases so that we can work together in helping those affected,” reiterated Nyanchama.



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