Kitengela Youths Hold a Peace Walk Ahead of Polls

A section of Kitengela youths held a peace walk Sunday to sensitize residents on the importance of maintaining peace during the upcoming elections.

The youth walked around the town carrying placards with peace messages and chanting peace slogans to sensitize Kitengela residents on the need for peaceful elections.

While addressing the youth after the walk, area OCS David Ole Shani urged the youth in Kitengela to maintain peace before, during and after the polls.

“We all want peace, from the business community to the youth, as well as elders during the upcoming elections. During elections we face a lot of challenges and we wouldn’t want to collide with the youth. We want peace to prevail and for the youth not to be used to create violence,” said the OCS.

Mr Francis Kilonzo, the youth patron at St. Monica Catholic Church said that the walk was organized in order to sensitize the youth not to be used by politicians to cause chaos during this electioneering period.

“We organized the Youth’s Peace walk in order to pass the message to all the youths that we can have a peaceful election devoid of chaos and violence. It’s a known fact that the youth are the ones who are used to create chaos by politicians. We are appealing to the youth to dutifully exercise their democratic right by voting and returning home to wait for results,” said Mr Kilonzo.

Mr Kilonzo urged all the youth who had taken part in the walk to pass the message home to their parents and friends.

“We urge all the youth who showed up to pass the message to parents, friends and relatives. As we head to the elections, we hope the youth will not be used by politicians to cause chaos but will practice peace and humility,” he added

Valentine Kathambi, a youth from the area, urged the youth not to be swayed by the politicians during this period.

“Let all the youth be cautious of their actions especially those who are jobless and could be paid by politicians to cause violence. This is not what we the youth in Kitengela want to be associated with,” said Kathambi

As Kenya draws closer to the 2022 General Election, the youth have begun to have crucial conversations about how they will participate in safeguarding their future as political competition mounts.

The peace walk was organized by Halisi Family Hospital, Capuchin TV, Carmelite Sisters, Takataka ni Mali, National Bank, Mahalakshmi EPZ Ltd, Kitengela Pona Hospital, Insta Products and Taka Taka Solutions.

The walk was dubbed, peaceful, free, fair and credible elections.



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