KNUT wants government to increase teachers’ salaries

Tana River County Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary (KNUT) Executive Secretary Solomon Wayu has asked the government to increase teachers’ salaries by 60%, following the current economic hardships.

Wayu said the introduction of Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) over five years ago, only increased the teacher’s workload, without any corresponding salary adjustment.

Speaking to the press in his Hola office Monday, the unionist recalled that sometimes back, the government refused to increase salaries for the tutors claiming that the economic situation then was not viable, but things have now changed, thus the justification for their salary increment.

At the same time, Wayu said it was unfair for the government to claim that the 60% salary increment proposed by the union was not reasonable, without submitting an agreeable counter offer, on its part.

He appealed to incoming government to consider the teachers’ demands before KNUT takes an industrial action on the matter.



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