Legislator urges for improved welfare for sportsmen

Endebess Member of Parliament (MP) Robert Pukose has appealed to the government to boost the sports sector by creating a special kitty for feting Kenyan athletes who clinch trophies at international championships.

Pukose said it is important to honour and appreciate men and women who lift high the country’s image through sporting activities, just as is the case with other countries.

The MP cited Uganda where he applauded the country’s head of state for what he described as having a deep affection for the sportspersons.

“We have even witnessed some of our sportsmen lead deplorable lives years after lifting high the nation’s image at international sporting events,” decried Pukose.

The legislator observed such sportsmen find themselves in difficult situations, especially when they get sick and require specialized treatment.

Pukose urged government to have tax relief measures granted to distinguished sportsmen, including waiving import fees on some personal items they purchase from abroad as a gesture of appreciation.

He further asked the government to revert to old ways in which great sportsmen used to be rewarded with job opportunities in state corporations such as Kenya Postal Services, the military and national police service.

“We need to appreciate our sportsmen by naming some roads or other infrastructure after them so that they feel honoured and at the same time motivate others,” added Pukose.

He singled out sports as one of the key government sectors capable of uniting Kenyans.

Pukose was addressing football players and athletes during the launch of Endebess Constituency Tournament at Endebess Primary School playground on Saturday.



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