Livestock prices soar as supply diminishes

The price of livestock in Kajiado has skyrocketed over the past few months as their supply has diminished due to the recent drought in the county.

The drought which ravaged most of the livestock in the county left many families destitute with no source of income as they depended on their livestock to fend for their families.

While most of the residents are wallowing in poverty due to the death of their animals, it is a reprieve for a few livestock herders whose herds survived the drought as their prices have skyrocketed following low supply.

In the Kitengela livestock market in Isinya Sub County, a mature sheep is now retailing at between Sh14,000-20,000 up from Sh8,000-10,000 three months ago. The same price is retailing for goats.

A mature bull is retailing at Sh 80,000-120,000 while it was retailing at Sh70,000- 100,000 three months ago. A heifer is retailing at between Sh 60,000-80,000 depending on their maturity and quality up from Sh 30,000-50,000.

In a spot check by KNA, the costs have been transferred to the consumers as a kilogram of beef is now retailing at between Sh 600-650 per Kg depending on the location of the butchery.

Though livestock herders whose herds survived are celebrating the new prices, those who lost their herds to the biting drought are urging both the county and national governments to help them restock their livestock as it was their only source of livelihood.

“Now that the rains are here, I want to restock my cattle as many died during the recent drought. I have no means to buy other cows though, especially now that their prices have doubled. I am urging the government to help us restock so that we can be able to fend for our families like before,” said Mzee Leshan Sawoina, who lost 50 of his cows to the drought.

With the festive season approaching, the demand is expected to increase making the prices soar further as the supply is limited.

Diaspora Editor

Diaspora Editor

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