Man Commits Suicide in River Kuja

A family squabble in Riat village of Ndhiwa Sub-County turned tragic after a disgruntled relative took his own life by plunging in River Kuja over the domestic row.

The Middle aged man identified as Hilden Okanya drowned after reportedly jumping into the deep waters to the surprise of onlookers, moments after reaching the river banks.

The area chief Moses Ongong’a said that the incident was witnessed by some children who saw the deceased running naked towards the river before throwing himself in.

“The man was seen running naked to the direction of the river by some children who were nearby and eventually threw himself into the flowing water,” said Ongong’a.

Other passers-by who were approaching the river also watched helplessly as he removed his shoes before jumping into the river.

Ongong’a narrated that this final attempt by the deceased to end his life was successful since he had also attempted to commit suicide more than three times in the past but failed.

He said Okanya had wished to marry a second wife, the woman he was allegedly heads over heels in love with but was denied since he already had a wife, an act which enraged him to the extent of threatening to take away his life.

The chief regretted that despite a search mission by the villagers to retrieve the body, they have not succeeded yet, adding that the body must have been swept away by the moving water.

“So far we have not managed to retrieve the body from the water. He must have been swept away by the moving water but still we are hoping for the best,” said the administrator.

The matter was reported to the nearby police station by the family members where investigations were launched to ascertain the reason behind the act.



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