Mandera County pastrolists receive livestock feed

The National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) has distributed 5,600 bags of livestock feed pellet to help reduce the devastating effects of the prolonged dry spell being felt in Mandera County.

The food pellets, rich in vital mineral additives will last two weeks due to high number of animals estimated to be over 300,000 including cattle, sheep, donkeys, goats and camels.

Speaking after flagging off the consignment for all 9 sub counties of Mandera, NDMA Mandera county director Hussein Alio confirmed that the feeds would be distributed to each and every pastoralist in the county

He noted that due to low pasture concentration, animals have become weak producing unsustainable milk and as a result, lower animal prices which has led to loss of income.

This has trickled down to the pastoralists ultimately leading to inability to buy food, skipping meals, poverty and severe malnutrition.

The government has been assisting affected households through the cash transfer programs.

Overseeing the relief livestock feed supplement distribution Mandera county commissioner Onesmus Kytha assured pastoralists that the distribution will be done fairly and the most affected areas will be given priority.

Mr. Kyatha said the government will continue unveiling more interventions and urged locals not to sell the feeds but feed their emaciated livestock to boost their body mass.

During the drought more than 1,200 livestock were lost by the pastoralists in Mandera county.

Minimal rainfall has been recorded in most parts of the county.



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