Matatu owners put on notice

Matatu owners have been directed to ensure that they adhere to traffic regulations and that their vehicles are road worthy to maintain sanity and order in the matatu sector in Marakwet West.

The recent continuous over speeding, overloading and recklessness by the Matatu sector crew forced Marakwet West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Mathias Chishambo to convene a meeting with matatu owners and Kapsowar OCS, Jeconiah Atwenga to deliberate on the matter.

Chishambo and Atwenga during the meeting urged the matatu owners to reign in on their employees to ensure their businesses are run professionally and as per the law.

Chishambo advised the matatu owners to strengthen their association and develop links with relevant stakeholders to ensure the smooth running of the sector in the sub county.

He gave warning to private vehicle owners who have converted their vehicles to public service vehicles without necessary requirements for public transportation to comply or face the law.

He disclosed that these vehicles especially those plying Kapsowar – Chesoi routes, overspeed, overload and squeeze passengers in compartments that are very uncomfortable and dangerous in case of an accident.

He added that the speeding on the steep and winding roads has forced the locals to erect bumps on the roads in an attempt of slowing the vehicles down.

Traffic police were also warned against taking bribes from matatus which flout rules and regulations.

During the meeting the DCC assured the matatu owners and operators that they will not be victimized or harassed by law enforcement officials but in case of irregularities the law must be followed to ensure that the sector is streamlined to avoid unnecessary accidents.



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