Meru county commissioner urges journalists to be peace ambassadors

Meru county commissioner Fred Ndunga has called on journalists to be peace ambassadors in their reporting during this electioneering period.

Ndunga asked the scribes to avoid reporting inflammatory incidences which may fuel clashes among residents during the electioneering and the election periods.

He further emphasized the need for journalists to confirm matters related to security from the administration to avoid feeding the public with wrong information.

But Ndunga said politicians have no authority to speak on security issues and therefore journalists should avoid political opinions likely to incite people against one another.

He assured journalists of the government’s security during and after the elections noting the many dangers that journalists are exposed to in their quest to keep the masses informed.

“We have heard cases of journalists being killed, assaulted and their equipment destroyed in line of duty but I promise to ensure your security in the course of your duties within the County,” Mr. Ndunga added.

He at the same time issued a stern warning against politicians inciting people for their selfish political gains adding local security personnel were on high alert.

“We will not allow politicians to plant seeds of discord among our people who have remained united before,” he said.



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