Migori County Assembly Committee Vets CEC Nominees

Migori County Executive Committee has vetted four individuals to fill the positions of the County Executive Members (CEMs).

The Vetting Committee that Migori County Speaker Mr. George Duro chaired said that they were vetting the CEMs after the previous holders of those officers resigned to seek political seats in the upcoming August elections.

Duro said that they were vetting the four CEMs to fill the positions of Public Service Management, Water and Energy, Agriculture Veterinary Livestock and Fisheries and Land housing physical planning and urban development.

The speaker noted that the vacant positions were gazetted and interested parties were encouraged to apply in their areas of interest.

He added that they gazetted the same to notify the public hearing according to Article 196 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Section 131 (2) of the Public Finance Management Act 2012 and Section 87 of the Government Act 2012.

The legislator said that despite the Governor having powers to appoint the nominees, the Standing Committee of the County Assembly had the right to vet the nominees to establish their suitability.

He noted that some of the requirements before the vetting process commenced were certified documents from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption, Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Kenya Revenue Authority and Higher Educations Loans Board

Duro also acknowledged that the vetting committee was looking for specific areas in the vetting process as required by the law Act 179 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

“As a Standing Committee, we checked on the knowability of the nominees on Chapter Six of the Kenyan Constitution 2010. We also checked on the expertise of the nominees in the areas they had applied to,” concluded Duro.



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