MP donates new school bus to Vota secondary school

Machakos Central MP Dr. Victor Munyaka has donated a new school bus under the National Government Development Fund (NG-CDF) to Vota secondary school in Machakos County.

Speaking to parents and other stakeholders at Vota Secondary School during the handing over ceremony, Munyaka said that the bus was intended to help the school by providing transportation services to learners while they participate in different sports, educational tours, and contests outside school.

“Through the NG-CDF, I am able to donate the new school bus to Vota secondary in order to allow convenient transportation services for students and teachers during academic tours, contests, and athletic events that take place outside of school,” Munyaka said.

He requested the school administration to guarantee that the bus would be utilized properly for the intended purposes and that all learners would have equitable access to it.

“I am requesting that the school administration guarantee that the bus is used efficiently to benefit the whole school. I will continue to provide buses to schools so that they may enjoy free transportation and enhance academic excellence,” Munyaka added.

He said that the school’s excellent performance was one of the motivating factors that made him donate the bus.

He encouraged the students to put in more effort in their studies in order to acquire good grades and advance to higher educational levels.

“I was motivated to donate the bus due to the school’s good performance. I, therefore, advise students to value their education and put in more effort in their studies to achieve academic excellence,” added Munyaka.

The MP also urged teachers to step up their game in terms of ensuring that students are adequately prepared for national exams so that they may perform well.

“I encourage teachers to continue stepping up their game to ensure that learners have proper preparation before sitting for their national examinations,” the MP urged.

Munyaka also emphasized the need for good parental advice and support for children to guarantee that the learners are motivated to study hard and succeed academically.

He urged parents to invest in their children’s education so that they might achieve academically and grow up to secure excellent professional opportunities that would enhance their lives and empower society.

“Parental advice is also required for children to be motivated to study hard in school. Parents should therefore ensure that they invest in their children’s education by providing advice and ensuring that their children have the necessary school requirements,” Munyaka said.

He pointed out that education is at the top of his development agenda, with the goal of ensuring that all schools in the Machakos Central constituency thrive in academics.

He assured them that he is committed to ensuring that education standards in Machakos improve and that every child has the chance to learn.

Present at the occasion was the Machakos county NG-CDF chairman Sylvester Mumo who backed the MP’s comments, adding that parents should consider providing adequate education to their children in order to shape their future.

“I second our MP’s remarks, and I would encourage parents to provide adequate education for their children in order to shape their future careers,” Mumo said.

Mumo commended Munyaka’s efforts in ensuring that the school has a bus to ease transportation services and reduce the cost of transporting students to academic tours and contests.



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