Muhoroni Town Cleaned

The vice chairman of the Muhoroni town board Bishop Cyprian Kodieny has kicked off a clean-up exercise in the town to maintain the standards of a municipality.

“We had a cleaning drive of Muhoroni town which is now a municipality and we thank our governor prof. Anyan’g Nyong’o for this development that has thrust the town on a different development game plan” said Kodieny

Kodieny said that Muhoroni now needs to have an organized development plan, including planned housing and even planned hospitals and markets.

The manager of Muhoroni town Mr. Lazarus Juma disclosed that they have put adequate measures in place to ensure that the environment and surroundings of Muhoroni is adequately protected.

“This is a programme that we have rolled out with plans to make it a monthly exercise that brings together the entire Muhoroni populace in support of the upgrading of our town to a municipality and we have passed that any approvals for development within Muhoroni municipality the person must first prove to us how they will plant trees because our target is to have a green municipality,” noted Juma

The business community in Muhoroni too urged their counterparts to ensure they contribute towards keeping Muhoroni clean and appealed to the county government to clean the refuse littering the town as well as ensure proper disposal of the sewerage.

“My name is Dorothy Anyango Bonyo and it’s my plea to the residents of Muhoroni and its surroundings to desist from carelessly dumping garbage within the town and our businesswomen should be at the forefront in championing this cleanliness agenda and enable the county government to establish and manage garbage collection points with necessary gadgets,” appealed a resident

The public health officer in Muhoroni, Thomas Owino cited some of the concerns they want addressed to spur the cleanliness of Muhoroni town.

“What we want is the mobilization of the community members and create awareness why garbage should not be dumped in carelessly, but at strategic points designated for garbage dumping,” noted Owino

However, the health officer thanked all the youths who turned up to support the cleanliness drive in the bid to ensure the town was conducive for living.

Diaspora Editor

Diaspora Editor

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