Mwaure promises to lower PAYE by half if elected next president

Agano Party Presidential candidate David Mwaure Waihiga has promised to lower Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax by half if elected as the next president.

Mr Mwaure who took his campaigns to Murang’a on Thursday observed that Kenyans are highly taxed but unfortunately a big chunk of collected money is misappropriated through corruption.

Reducing PAYE by 50 percent, Mwaure stated that it will increase earning to the majority of Kenyans thus giving them high purchasing power.

The candidate observed that lowering PAYE will be done immediately if he cinches power come August 9.

The country, Mwaure said is broke and needs emergency interventions to revive the economy and relieve the high cost of living.

He said if money collected through taxes are prudently utilised, Kenya could be among the middle economy countries.

“This country is very rich, what it has lacked is good shepherds who can protect the resources and provide better services to Mwananchi. Forthcoming elections should be different where Kenyans can put right leaders into leadership and avoid recycling those who have brought our economy to its knees,” said Mwaure in Murang’a town.

He further said removing tax penalties will also help people to take their money to the bank and increase liquidity in the country.

The presidential candidate who was accompanied by his running mate Ruth Mucheru alleged that Kenya since independence has lost close to Sh 240 trillion saying if the money was well utilised, the country will be economically stable.

“It’s a shame for a country which got independence in 1963, is still fighting with poverty, unemployment, and lack of quality health care. This is the time for Kenyans to vote in leaders who are not going to amass wealth but serve every Kenyan in the right manner,” he claimed.

He castigated his competitors saying they have served the government in various positions but have failed to provide better services to people.

High cost of living, Mwaure attributed it to bad governance and corruption saying increased tax rate is to enable the government to fill the gap of the money swindled through corruption.

“My competitors are claiming how to bring change in this country yet they are still in government. Others have failed to advise the president well on better ways to lower cost of living,” posed Mwaure.

He said he is a lawyer and a member of the clergy promising to ensure rights of Kenyans are well taken care of in his leadership.

Mwaure further said he will follow up and make sure money hidden in foreign countries is returned and supports local development.

“I am a better alternative for leadership of this country and I request Kenyans to support my presidential bid since I have solutions to heal our economy,” he urged.

For the next two days, Mwaure and his team will be campaigning in counties within the central region.



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