Ntutu endorsed by the youth

UDA gubernatorial candidate in Narok County Patrick Ntutu has received a major boost after the Emirisho age group from the Maasai Purko clan backed his governorship bid.

Thousands of young men aged between 18 and 25 years who visited Ntutu at his home in Narok West Sub County said they were pleased with his past development record the reason they came out in large numbers to support him.

Led by Kipesi Lekishon, the young men asked the youth in the county to keep off from incitement politics that can easily cause violence in the county.

“We have seen young people in the other team that is led by Moitalel Ole Kenta provoking our team for no reason. We ask them to keep off from our political rallies as we too keep off from their rallies,” he said.

Lekishon praised Ntutu for his leadership skills he portrayed when he was the Narok West Member of Parliament saying he is a father figure to the young generation.

On his part, Ntutu thanked the youth for backing his bid assuring them of creating job opportunities for the many jobless youth when he gets into office.

He asked his supporters to embrace peace during this electioneering season refuting claims by National Cohesion and Integration Commission that the county was a red-spot zone.

Ntutu will be facing off against the incumbent Narok North Member of Parliament Moitalel Ole Kenta who is vying on an ODM ticket.

This is the second time the former Labour Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) will be vying for the gubernatorial position as a similar attempt in the year 2017 flopped as he lost to incumbent governor Samuel Tunai.

Tunai is vying for senatorial seat after serving two terms as the Narok County Governor.



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