Orengo unveils Agenda for Siaya County

ODMs’ Siaya county gubernatorial aspirant James Orengo has launched a nine-point manifesto to transform the county of Siaya if elected Governor during the August polls.

The manifesto dubbed “Nyalore” (which translates to ‘it is possible’ or inawezekana) is anchored on solving the immediate needs of the people and is a domestication of Azimio la Umoja one Kenya coalition 10 pillar manifesto.

The manifesto seeks to address health care by increasing access to quality and affordable health care services to the people of Siaya which is one of the counties in the country with the highest disease burden.

Increased investment in the fishing sector, livestock production and exploitation of existing agricultural potential in the county have been identified by the manifesto as the low hanging fruits to enhance food security and agribusiness in the county.

The manifesto has prioritized the modernization of physical infrastructures in town centers and improvement of roads network to enhance the county’s growth to urban status.

Just like in the previous leadership outgoing governor Cornel Rasanga, Orengo will inherit the burden of providing clean water to over 900,000 residents of Siaya and through the manifesto, Orengo has plans to use Solar energy as an alternative to electricity which has made the business of supplying clean water expensive leading to perennial disconnection by the Kenya Power company.

Orengo plans to fully implement the structures of devolution through formation of active village councils to enhance public participation which has remained a rubber stamping outfit of the executive wing of the county government.

Besides strengthening local revenue collection, generation and enhancing accountability in the use of resources, the manifesto also seeks to boost resource mobilisation through Public-Private-partnership and to tap into diaspora resources by encouraging sons and daughters of Siaya living abroad to invest back home.

Speaking during the launch which was attended by ODM party top leadership, Orengo disclosed that he will prioritize good governance as the key driver of his regime.

“Everything else could be in place but if there is no good governance which promotes accountability and integrity among leaders then we will never make it. That is why my administration will ensure good governance is not compromised,” Orengo said.

The Siaya Senator also warned those who will be seeking to be employed by his administration that nepotism and awarding of job opportunities to cronies and friends will not be tolerated by his government.

“My government will only appoint qualified and competent personnel to ensure effective service delivery to the people of Siaya. Members of County Executive Committee will only be appointment if they are fit for the task and not who they know or they are related to,” he added.

To boost tourism and investment opportunities, Orengo observed that although the outgoing governor had established a strong foundation, infrastructure in the county remains poor and more work will be done to improve the necessary infrastructure to make the county and investment and tourism destination.

The launch of “Nyalore” manifesto comes with just about three weeks remaining to the general election where Orengo will face of with UDMs’ Eng. Nicolas Gumbo for Siaya gubernatorial seat.

Although Orengo described the race between him and Eng Gumbo as one of the easiest races in his life.

Orengo candidature has given ODM party honchos sleepless nights on how to convince the electorate to vote for the veteran politician who many view as a legal genius but development dwarf having been Ugenya MP for 20 cumulative years but is accused of having no development track record to show for.

ODM party chairman John Mbadi who graced the manifesto launch held at Jaramogi University in Bondo asked the electorate not to vilify Orengo over his development track record because he was an MP during 1980’s when KANU regime frustrated development in Nyanza because of political stands.

“Orengo was MP for Ugenya in the 1980s.What did you expect him to do yet KANU did not give even a single cent for construction of a classroom? Then in 2007 when he reclaimed his seat he had a paltry Sh. 36 million to run both Ugenya and Ugunja sub counties. That money is a drop in the ocean compared to the 134 million MPs get today,” Mbadi observed.

EALA MP Dr Oburu Oginga who is also running for Siaya Senate seat asked the electorate not to embarrass Raila Odinga by electing a person from another party in the guise for voting Azimio other than candidates from ODM.

“This is the home turf of Raila Odinga the founder of both ODM and Azimio. The electorate in Siaya should not think they know Azimio better than Raila who started it. Vote for Orengo who is the choice of Raila Odinga for Siaya Governorship Azimio will have to forgive us. This is ODM County” Oburu said

The occasion was attended by ODM MP aspirants Gedion Ochanda (Bondo) Elisha Odhiambo (Gem), Sam Atandi (Alego), Otiende Amollo (Rarieda) Dr Christine Ombaka (Women Rep) and Collins Oyuu (Knut Sec Gen) who drummed up support for Orengo and Six piece voting system saying it will give Raila Odinga the required numbers in the two houses of parliament if he clinches the presidency in the forthcoming general elections.



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