Over 80 self-help groups to profit from Sh9million Uwezo Fund

Eighty three groups drawn from all wards in Kirinyaga Central constituency will get Sh9 million from Uwezo Fund.

The funds are part of empowerment aimed at assisting the beneficiaries to economically uplift their standards of living by creating self-employment opportunities.

Speaking at NG-CDF offices in Kerugoya after disbursement of the funds, the area Member of Parliament (MP) Munene Wambugu lauded the national government for establishing the kitty. He also noted that despite heightened political activities, the development projects must proceed.

“We are delighted today to distribute this fund to various groups and we thank the government for the Uwezo Fund kitty,” he said.

“Despite of current campaign activities, we should not forget that work must be done. Today we are distributing over Sh9 million to 83 groups in Kirinyaga Central,” Wambugu said.

The legislator added that he would draft a bill to increase the funds to meet the number of growing groups in the constituency.

“These funds are still not enough despite the positive impacts on beneficiaries. The number of groups has increased and I hope in the next parliament I will fight for the fund to be increased,” he added.

He further said that the interest rates for the youths’ funds should be reduced to nil because it is meant for self-development.

“The interest rates should be lowered especially in youth’s funds because they are government money meant of development of our children and they will repay,’ The MP said

The MP told the groups that Uwezo empowerment funds is a soft loan and does not attract any interest and the groups are given a duration of two years to repay the same amount. Since it’s a revolving fund, once repayment is done, the money is loaned out to another needy group.

“I urged the groups to repay the loan in time so that other needy groups can get the money and we all benefit, there no interest you only pay principal amount,” he said.

All the beneficiaries urged the government to increase the allocation.

Lucy Njogu, beneficiary, said the fund has been of great help to other groups and they would follow the footsteps to benefit from the funds. She said more money should be allocated into the kitty to ensure more groups are brought on board.

“We have seen other groups benefit from these funds and we will follow suit. We urge the government to increase the money to benefit more groups,” Lucy said.



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