Over 900 Residents Benefit From Free Eye Clinic in Kisumu

More than 900 patients have benefitted from free eye clinic and cataract surgery, during a free eye camp in Kombura, Nyando Sub County.

The event was organized by Jumbo steel mills limited in partnership with Lions Club Kisumu and the Sabatia Eye Hospital.

The residents received free consultation and screening for eye-related disorders, while the sick were given drugs and eye drops.

Those who needed cataract surgeries were booked and transported to Sabatia Eye Hospital to undergo the procedure.

A nurse, Eric Omondi from Sabatia explained that majority of patients were affected by cataracts, while others had allergies that could be managed with the right medication.

Omondi noted that cases of blindness witnessed were not permanent, which could be corrected upon removal of the cataracts.

“Out of the 900 patients who registered for the eye camp, 300 had cataracts, while the others had allergies and infections. A cataract is an opacity of the lens, the lens hardens blocking light to the retina,” he explained.

The finance director of Jumbo Steel Mills, Rashita Patel speaking on behalf of the company CEO Indhravadhan Patel said they held the camp in the area as a way of giving back to the community.

“So many people needed the surgery, but could not afford it as we have witnessed in the camp. We made it easier for locals to access services for free and also find out if they have eye-related problems,” she said.

Rashita says the camp was the first one and they were stunned by the overwhelming response. They were ecstatic to have helped children who needed surgeries and those who were not aware they had eye problems.

“Other programs have been lined up along with this one, but we would be announced in due course, since we like taking one at a time,” she concluded.

On her art, Emma Obonyo, the regional chair of the Lions Club said that with support from various stakeholders, they have been able to hold several charity events that support lives of the people.

“We received cases of allergies, fungal and a large number of cataracts. We had expected a turnout of 300 patients for the event, but we were delighted by the numbers that turned up,” she disclosed.

A patient from Nyakach, Pricilla Otieno said they were happy when they heard about the eye camp. Initially she had gone for tests and was told she had cataracts in both eyes and therefore needed surgery. One eye surgery costs Sh.8000 and she could not afford it as her National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) card is dormant.



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