Parents found guilty of forced FGM risk prosecution

Parents who recently forcefully circumcised their girls in Marakwet West sub county, face imminent arrest after the area Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Mathias Chishambo directed the police to track them.

Speaking in his office, Chishambo said he has directed the chiefs to assist the police in finding all the parents found culpable and bring them to book.

Citing that female genital mutilation is outlawed in the provisions contained in the Children’s Act, he said such parents will be arrested for infringing on the rights of children, some of who are too young to comprehend what was happening to them.

The deputy county commissioner noted that it is unfortunate that even some civic leaders and teachers who are quite enlightened are also getting involved in this outdated act.

Meanwhile, many girls are still being subjected to the forceful cut, especially in the Kerio valley region.



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