Parents urged to enroll their teens to technical institutes

Parents in Marakwet West Sub County have been advised to enroll their youthful children in local polytechnics for them to undertake technical courses that will enable them earn a living and better their future.

Noting that many parents have failed to cultivate a positive attitude towards technical institutions yet they have been remodeled and upgraded, the sub county youth officer Stephen Odawo added that those who enroll can further their education up to the highest level possible.

He expressed concern that parents with a negative attitude towards polytechnics makes their children shun the institutions. “Many parents only value universities and other colleges as superior and view polytechnics as inferior,” he added.

He gave an example of Chebara Vocational Training Centre, which has a capacity to enroll up to 600 trainees and currently has only 150 students.

“The youth and parents should take advantage of the subsidized tuition fees by the national government to get into these institutions and reduce the burden of having to pay the whole amount,” Odawo advised.

He reiterated that with improved curriculum and well-structured progressive syllabus in various fields being examined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), the youth should enroll in the institutions.

Marakwet West has four vocational centres including Chebara, Kapcherop, Kiplabai and Koitilial.



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