Physical fitness and diet is paramount to our health

Taking regular exercise including walking short distances and jogging is key in reducing some of lifestyle diseases among them hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular infections.

Regular exercise also helps in detoxification of our body through sweating.

Speaking to KNA spot check in her office, yesterday, the Nyambene nutritionist officer-In-Charge, Grace Safari, maintained that exercise is very crucial in fighting lifestyle diseases, which has become a great threat to good health.

Safari advised the members of public to at least take any amount of activity every day to reap the benefits of exercise, which include but not limited to burning of calories to prevent excess weight gain.

“Be more active throughout the day by at least doing some household chores or taking up the stairs instead of elevators to avoid being inactive,” Safari said.

She also urged residents to avoid sedentary activities, which involves a lot of sitting and encouraged them to take walks in between the breaks around their working areas or business premises.

Safari noted that physical exercises not only prevent the lifestyle diseases, but also improves the moods by stimulating various bio- chemical substances in the brain that leaves one happier, more relaxed and less anxious.

“You feel better and satisfied about yourself when you have regular exercise which in turn boosts your confidence and improve your self-esteem,” Safari maintained, adding that regular physical activities helps an individual to fall asleep faster, get deep and enough sleep.

Safari further added that on top of physical exercise, one need to choose a healthy balanced diet and avoid taking processed foods due to its availability and affordability.

“Eat a well-balanced diet which includes proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates to avoid contracting chronic diseases and obesity instead of taking too much processed foods which can pose a great threat to your health,” she advised.

She emphasized on consumption of vegetables, fruits and enough uptake of water so as to remain hydrated and help in metabolism.



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