Politicians warned against incitement

Kajiado County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga has cautioned political leaders and aspirants seeking various seats in the up-coming general elections against making inflammatory and divisive utterances.

Wanyanga called on the leaders to instead concentrate on promoting their agenda and avoid divisive politics and incitement which could lead to insecurity.

Speaking in Kajiado Monday after flagging off the National Peace Prayer Caravan, the CC urged the politicians not to take advantage of the locals by dividing them on the basis of their ethnicity or clans so as to gain political mileage.

He called on the leaders to exercise political tolerance and be at the forefront in addressing unity and peaceful co-existence among Kenyans.

“Politicians should not take advantage of the different tribes and clans in the society to divide locals as they campaign, they should instead preach peace and unity even as they seek votes,” he said.

Wanyanga further warned the youth against misusing social media and posting utterances that could be deemed as divisive.

He advised the youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to attack their opponents during campaign rallies.

“Do not allow politicians to use you to cause chaos. You will never find their children throwing stones at rallies. Do not allow them to use you to cause mayhem yet after they are elected you will not even see them. Some of you want to die for them yet they will never die for you,” said the Commissioner.

Apostle John Kimani of the Kingdom Seekers Fellowship, urged Kenyans to maintain peace before, during and after the polls.

He emphasized the need for the country to seek God’s favor and mercy during the election period to avoid post-election violence.

Apostle Kimani said prayers were the only way to change the destiny of the nation and all believers must seek God’s intervention during this election period.

“Let us pray for our country, let us ask God to let peace reign even as the general elections draw closer. Let us avoid political incitement and live as brothers and sisters,” he added.

He further called on the youth to be ambassadors of peace and avoid being used and incited by politicians to cause violence.

The National Peace Prayer Caravan has been organized by clerics from various churches and denominations and is set to traverse all the 47 counties disseminating messages of peace and cohesion before, during and after the elections.



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