Presidential Digital Talent Program Quarterly Performance Review Held At KICD

The Presidential Digital Talent Program (PDTP) Quarterly performance review was recently at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development in Nairobi.

Speaking at the event ICT Authority Acting CEO Dr. Kipronoh Ronoh stated that over 1,700 interns have graduated and another 400 of Cohort VI expected to graduate later in the year.

“Through this Program, we are developing a pool of ICT talent in Kenya to prepare the country for the future by getting a highly- skilled, market ready workforce especially in the ICT sector. I therefore congratulate all Digitalent interns for their diligence and continued progress in various sectors of their deployment,” said Dr. Ronoh.

Dr Kipronoh expressed that one of the pillars of the recently launched Kenya National Digital Master Plan, 2022-32 is Digital Skills. Through this Pillar, the master plan seeks to leverage on the opportunities available through technology to spur economic growth.

“The Master Plan provides a structured way of investing and developing a critical mass of IT experts with advanced skills to adapt to the future of doing things for instance, robotics and cyber security,” said the CEO.

He noted that this will help bridge the ICT skills gap especially among the youth to access digital jobs adding efforts to increase the number of trained professionals in digital skills by government aims to produce the required competencies for the digital economy and retrain the public sector workforce to ensure they advance their digital skills and bridge the digital skills gap in the citizenry.

“New innovations in the ICT sector are changing ways of doing business and smart young startup entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this quiet but historic transformation. Teams of skilled developers and programmers have sprung up in innovations hubs, incubators, and accelerators across the county to build practical solutions that capitalize on the country’s mix of challenges and opportunities,” he added.

Dr. Kipronoh reiterated that the government remains committed to fostering a globally responsive, competitive and adaptive ICT workforce through programs such as the PDTP, Ajira Digital, and Digital Learning to respond to the current and future demands of our country.

ICT Authority director of Partnerships, Innovation and Capacity Ms Zilpher Owiti lauded the efforts of all the interns who continue to work hard and push themselves ensuring not to take the program for granted.

“Do not relent in all your efforts. The newly established Google Centre and Microsoft Solutions Centre were established to give opportunities to young people like you,” she said.

At the same time Clayton Hamisi, a beneficiary of the program stated that the opportunity came for him at the right time when he needed it most. “During moments when I felt disheartened and demoralized, the program lifted my spirits and reminded me of my purpose,” said Clayton.



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