Residents advised to keep warm

Kiambu County meteorological department has advised residents to keep warm as cold weather is expected to continue throughout the week.

At the same time, road users have been urged to be careful over foggy conditions in the affected areas as some parts of the county will experience such conditions throughout the week.

The Kiambu County Meteorological Director Magdalene Gateri, while giving the weekly forecast said that cold and cloudy conditions are expected over most days, with occasional light rain showers at the beginning of the week.

However, partly cloudy conditions breaking into sunny intervals will be experienced towards the end of the week.

“Mornings are likely to be cloudy with occasional light rain showers over a few places, giving way to sunny intervals and occasional afternoon and night showers over some parts of the county,” she said.

Other parts of the county, Gateri noted, will experience foggy conditions in the mornings throughout the week, while the afternoons will be partly cloudy with chances of light rain showers over most places

In the month of July, she said that Kiambu experienced cold weather with an average temperature of about 16°C, a minimum of 11°C and a maximum of 21°C.

According to the Kenya Meteorological Department on general outlook this week ending August 6, rainfall is likely to continue over several parts of the highlands west of Rift Valley, highlands east of Rift Valley and North western Kenya.

Cold and cloudy conditions with occasional light rains are expected over some parts of South-east lowlands, highlands west of rift valley and Central.

Average daytime temperatures are likely to be high (over 30°C) over some parts of North Eastern and North Western Kenya, while average night time temperatures are likely to be moderate (10°C-20°C) over most parts of the country.



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